JCR Officer Apologises for Elections Result Error


Yesterday afternoon, Joshua Thompson, the JCR Elections Returning officer issued a statement to all residents of Connaught halls apologising for the incorrect result being announced for the new President of their JCR at the results night on the 12th of November.

The statement was sent via a Facebook message and announced that Ellis Sims is now the new JCR President of Connaught halls, rather than Barnaby Abbot, who was officially in second place, but was announced as the winner on the results night.

The statement said:

‘On the evening of the results we were rushed to get the results to you and therefore quickly scribbled the results onto paper that was then taken to be read out. The results were not as clear as they should have been and therefore at no fault of the person reading the results, they read the final vote count for the president at 194 instead of 94. This in turn positioned the candidate in second place in front.’

None of the organisers realised the error at the event or when publishing the results and the mistake was picked up by Abbot himself when he logged onto the SUSU JCR site on Monday 15th November when the results were published to find that his name was not listed in the President position. However, the situation was resolved after the JCR Officer met with the student union elections committee and the two candidates affected.

Josh Thompson assured Connaught residents that the mistake would not have a negative impact on the running of the current and new JCR activities. The JCR training does not take place until the 2nd December so despite the error Ellis Sims will be fully trained for his new role.

This year the elections were held at the individual halls bars and there were 118 nominations for 71 roles across the 7 halls. The results for the Archers Road President and Glen Eyre Assistant Media and Promotions officer position resulted in draws between candidates which were resolved through the alternative voting method, which was used in the JCR elections for the first time this year. The new selection process meant that the organisers could look back at the first round of voting to compare results which improved the system for draws from last year as it was listed in the constitution that draws should be resolved by flipping a coin.

Each hall had 9 core positions on offer at the elections including President, Treasurer and Secretary however, there are still 17 unfilled positions. It has been questioned whether the unfilled positions could be the result of the elections being held too early . Thompson agreed that they were earlier this year but said that ‘this was due to the busy SUSU timetable in the Spring term and the referendum taking place this term which meant that the union had to bring the elections forward so the timetable did not clash with the relevant SUSU staff.’

The Union will be running by-elections to attempt to fill the remaning positions. More information can be found at http://www.susu.org/jcr-elections.


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