StageSoc Take To Panto To Raise Money For Charity


If you were of to see a PAU show on the stage, you would probably expect it to be by Showstoppers or Theatre Group, but certainly not by StageSoc.  Inspired by their successes from their 2008 panto, SUSU Backstage Society have thrown off their blacks to perform in the Annex once more, on the 15th December, in the name of charity.

‘StageSoc “Do” Panto 2.0’ is a pantomime based loosely around the Snow White story, although, rather aptly, the seven dwarves have been replaced by seven techies.  StageSoc secretary Hannah Evans, who plays one of the techies, says that she thinks that this year’s show “should be a very interesting experience” and that although StageSoc are not very good at singing, acting or dancing, they will try and give it a go, and that they hope the audience do not take things too seriously and will have a laugh in the name of chairty.

Although it is unlikely to be the outstanding PAU show of the year, StageSoc will hope that they raise a lot of money for their charity of choice, Future Talent.  Future Talent is a nationwide charity founded in 2004 which aims to find, help and nurture musically gifted individuals aged between 5 and 18 in the UK who do not have the opportunity or finances to be able to successfully advance their musical talents.

‘Stagesoc “Do” Panto 2.0’ will take place at 7.30 on Wednesday 15th December at The Annex.  Tickets will be available on the door.


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