Student Attacked at Wessex Lane


Police were called on an incident on Saturday night after a first-year student became the victim of an unprovoked assult as he was returning to Montefiore Halls in Wessex Lane around 2.15am.

The assailant who attacked the 19 year old student was accompanied by two other men – both described as white, 19-20 years old, with local accents.

Police are also appealing for witnesses after a woman’s handbag was stolen on Portswood Road in the early hours of Tuesday March 1.

The victim banged her head as she resisted the theft and was pulled to the ground by a male cyclist who approached from behind at the foot of Avenue Road. The suspect has been described as white, around 6ft, in his mid twenties, with an English accent. He was wearing a hat, a waterproff jacket, and dark trousers.

The incidents follow a spate of attacks on students at the start of the academic year, and police also released details last month about an incident between St Denys and Thomas Lewis Way, where a student’s wallet and ipone was stolen around 2am by three men as he made his way home after a night out.

The Wessex Scene will have a special report on violence in Portswood in its upcoming issue, out soon.

If you have any information about the attack, please ring PC Peter Scamell at Portswood Police Station on 101, or Crimestoppers annonymously on 0800555 111.


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    Concerning the women, she is also a student and was coming back from my place. The funny thing is that her assaulter lost his phone in the attack, but police said they weren’t allowed to ask the operator to try to see who it belonged to (even if it is a pag, chances might be he used a debit card to top-up)… Is it only me who finds this a bit doubtful?

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