‘Largest Protest Ever’ Planned for March 26th


Saturday 26th March will see what is expected to be one of the largest protest marches in this country’s history.

Originally called by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in response to government cuts to public services, the protest will now draw together opponents of cuts to the NHS, benefits, public sector jobs, libraries and higher education.

The march will assemble at 11 AM at Victoria Embankment, and proceed to Hyde Park Corner. Plans have been made by demonstrators to set up a 24-hour occupation of the park, among various other actions. Details are available here.

In the region of 200,000 people are expected to attend a demonstration which could demonstrate the strength of opposition to the government’s current policy.

Several coaches are heading to the protest from the city, organised by local trade unions. For a free place on the coach students can call 02380637373.

A feeder march of students, protesting against cuts to higher education and increased fees, will start from the University of London Union at 10 AM and an “education bloc” will join the main demo. Click here for more details.

A statement on the coalition of resistance website states that “the demonstration does matter. It will reveal the depth of the opposition to the policies of this government in a way no local or direct action event can. It will be the foundation for all our future anti-cuts work and as we have been inspired by the mass uprisings in other parts of the world we can inspire others with our demonstration on the 26th.”


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    Where’s the economic plan from all these protesters then? All well and good whining about every little cut to expenditure when you don’t have to sort out the economy.

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      I think if your job is going to be cut or you’re likely to be a victim of such vicious spending reviews, you have every right to be “whining” and taking a stance.

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        No I totally agree with this, the fact that people are protesting is obviously justified, if I was a public service worker I would. I’m not saying these people are wrong to protest, just trying to add a sense of perspective i.e. the government is making cuts for a reason 🙂

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            I’m not sure I can totally agree with this, but that said I don’t disagree totally.Truth be told I don’t know the hard details of the country’s finances. It just seems that even the more minor things such as “selling of Britain’s forests” or the cutting of EMA are being complained about (admittedly more so in places like the Guardian), but the economic situation itself isn’t an ideological construct. I mean I’m sure if the solution was a simple as “tax the evil bankers” someone would have drawn up some kind of plans along those lines.

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      Charlotte (VP Comms)

      That’s not their jobs, it is the givernment’s job to sort out the logistics of this, it the trade union’s job and right to campaign against it if they belive it is wrong.

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        Well of course it’s the government’s job, but whoever is affected by a particular cut to expenditure is going to be rightfully annoyed by it. Congregating them all in one place where they can display their outrage (as if the government didn’t know people were going to be upset) doesn’t achieve anything. It doesn’t demonstrate why one service should be spared over another. Instead of “banding together”, focused debate and demonstrations on individual causes (and their merits that justify their protection from cuts) would be far more effective. It’s hardly as if David Cameron’s gonna turn round and say “you know what, you’re ALL right. Let’s just let this country slide into economic ruin”.

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    Bus and Train travel has been arranged by the TUC up and down the country. I know that there is a large following going down from Scotland and it WILL be far more than 200,000 in attendance and certainly will be the biggest demonstration London has ever seen!

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    Awesome the only cuts needed are to get rid of the lazy good for nothing ponses in Parliament thats where the problem lies. If they had been doing thier jobs properly instead of stealing tax payers money we would not be in the mess we are today !!!!

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