The University of Surrey to Charge Full £9000 Tuition Fees


The University of Surrey has become the sixth university to plan on charging the maximum £9000 for tuition fees. This proposed fee will be in effect from the start of the 2012 academic year.

The university’s council ratified the decision on the 17th March telling the university that it will need to come up with bursaries and fee waivers to encourage students from lower-income backgrounds to apply to the university.

A total of £940 million is being cut from budgets for teaching, research and site renovation from the start of the next academic year across universities in England. This budget cut is a 12.6% reduction on what universities are currently receiving across the country.

Professor Christopher Snowden, the vice-chancellor of Surrey University said that the proposed fees reflected the financial uncertainties due to the “substantial cuts” facing English universities.

Currently it is being said that students will be able to take out loans for their tuitions fees and will not need to start paying them back until they are earning more than £21,000.


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