Increase of Suspected Mumps Amongst Southampton Students


An increase of suspected mumps is currently spreading amongst university students, it has been noticed recently.

The virus’ most destinctive symptom is a swelling of the partoid glands, which are located on one or both sides of the face. Other symptoms include fever and pain around the jaw area. Unlike children, adults and teenagers with the virus have higher chances of developing further complications, such as loss of hearing.

Mumps is a virus and therefore cannot be treated with antibiotics. It is also highly contagious, therefore it is important to take particular care in making sure that it is not passed on. Like a cold, mumps can be passed to others directly, from coughing or sneezing, as well as indirectly.

Although there is no cure, students should make sure they are immunised by keeping up to date with their vaccinations.  The MMR vaccination immunises a person against catching the virus at a later stage and, according to the NHS, is 95% effective.

A reminder was recently sent to all students by the university, asking them to book a GP appointment to have the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination if they have not already done so.


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    Nicholas Hatter

    I was unlucky enough to have contracted MUMPS. What a terrible way to start the Easter holidays!

    I’ll be quarantining myself for up to 2 weeks…

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