The Style Spy


Name: Joseph Madden

Found: Loitering in a corridor on Highfield.

Studying: Physics & Astronomy.

Wearing: Dot Cotton T-shirt, dogtooth blazer stolen from Dominic Ellis, teamed with Uni-qlo jeans and vintage braces.  Joe finishes the look with a customised time-piece and feather trilby from Winchester market.

Describe your look today: Very impractical considering the rainy weather.

Style  icons: Robert Downey Junior.  The man knows how to wear a suit.

What inspires your style? Chinese people on the tube.

Fashion pet-peeve: Guys who wear checked shirts with the top button done up – it’s lazy and unoriginal.

Fashion tip: Everyone should try and look a bit more like me.

Where you can find Joseph Madden: Chickoland.  Classy….

Name: Katie Gormley

Studying: Philosophy

Found: In the Stag’s with a cheeky afternoon pint.

Wearing: Floral Primark playsuit cinched at the waist with skinny, black ASOS belt.  Katie teams this with a burgundy knitted shrug, brogues and smart patent bag from River Island.

Describe your personal style: I like layering and interesting accessories, but it’s essential that it’s comfy too.

Favourite place to shop: H&M, it’s three doors down from where I work which can be pretty dangerous!

Style icons: To name a couple – Alexa Chung and Ferne Cotton.  Their styles are both classic but with quirky twists.  I like how they mix Designer with vintage and high street pieces.

Fashion pet-peeve: Leggings with crop tops.  Girls, they do not count as trousers!

Katie’s Fashion tips: I think if you’re going for a classic, dressy look it’s good to balance it with messy hair or vice versa.  Also try and only show your shoulders or legs when going out- not both… although I don’t always apply the rule myself!

Downfall: Bags – I could buy hundreds. One day I WILL own a Prada.


I like elephants, custard creams and quad-vods.

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