Worst University to charge £8,450


One of the lowest ranked University in the UK will be charging £8,450 in 2012, it has been revealed.

London South Bank University, ranked consistently in the bottom 3 Universities in the UK, made the announcement earlier today, citing reasons that it needed to charge the high amount just to break even after the Government removed almost all its teaching funding.

Professor Martin Earwicker, vice-chancellor of London South Bank university, said: “In the cuts the Government has imposed the university lost 92 per cent of its teaching grant, 60 per cent of its capital grant and half of its innovation fund. This fee level does no more than put us to slightly less than we had before. The university is not gaining at all.”

Earlier this year, Universities Minister, David Willets, cut over £4bn from Higher Education, including an 80% cut to teaching funding. However, these cuts were made with the idea that the average University would then charge £7,500.

Willets also said that if the majority of Universities were to try and charge the top level of fees, the Government would be forced to further reduce Higher Education funding, with commentators accrediting this to potential problems with the Government coping with the increased demand for money from student loans.

So far, 23 of the 31 Universities to announce their submitted requests for tuition fee levels have said they will charge £9,000. None of the Russell Group Universities who have announced their fees, of which Southampton University is one, nor any of the 1994 Group have said they would charge less than £9,000.

Leaks had suggested that Southampton would not be charging the maximum £9,000, however in light of how many Universities are charging the top price, it may be too hard for the University to not follow suit.

The Wessex Scene will be reporting more on Southampton’s tuition fee level over the coming months.


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    Southampton shouldn’t need to charge as much because of it’s research funding. It should end up with the good universities charging less than the bad ones… so the polys go bankrupt and the worthiness of a degree is restored….

    BUT it’s more likely that idiots will still flood into these “universities” and claim more and more money from the government, never get a good enough job to pay it back and leave our government out of pocket. Pure brilliance.

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      Agreed Universities will claim more, even though (especially research Universities) they will need to do so less, and its more of a status thing – but to play devil’s advocate – then again, the cuts to HE are just to the academic side of University, there are other areas that Universities are looking to improve, such as Sports venues, Libraries, Halls – that can all benefit from increased fees by having more funding put into them?

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    Have you got a quote for this ?

    ‘Willets also said that if the majority of Universities were to try and charge the top level of fees, the Government would be forced to further reduce Higher Education funding, as the Government would be unable to cope with the increased demand for money from student loans.’

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      He warned that if universities insisted on charging the maximum, the government would be forced to make further cuts to their teaching and research budgets. (The Guardian)

      other part – cant find the direct quote – but ive heard it before and read it. will change to “potentially”

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    The pressure on Southampton will be too high for them not to charge at least £8,500, if not the absolute maximum. My prediction is that it will be so little under £9,000 that the difference won’t even matter. Shame, really, but it is a respected university and so can probably get away with it.

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