RAG Raises Record Amount for Charity


At the end of last month, the Union’s fundraising department RAG (Raise and Give, I hope you’ve heard of it?) announced in the last year they had managed to raise  £31,025.95, a record for Southampton University!

On her blog on the susu.org website, the current RAG Officer Grace Allingham breaks down the figures of where the money has come from in the last year. Upon viewing, it is evident that it was societies, individuals and causes outside RAG who were the ones who raised the bulk of the cash: £23,799.73. According to Grace, this was a a “particularly exciting time, reflecting a growing involvement by students in fund raising opportunities”.

It is worth mentioning the top three “fundraisers” of this current year:

1). MedSoc charities week raised a whopping £12,154.13

2). Japan Soc, AIESEC, ArtSoc and Men’s Day for British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal: £5272.37

3). Christian Union for Water aid: £1456.11

So what’s next for RAG? Just after the Easter break, EnviroRAG is hoping to raise another £2500 for environmental causes; and after that there’s the selling of Beach Break tickets for the summer break. In comparison to the last time RAG broke it’s own record for fundraising in 07/08 -raising £28,000, the current projection RAG has raised not only smashes previous records but looks to increase even more!

I managed to ask Grace what she thought of RAG’s success this year:

We have raised the profile of RAG hugely which is reflected in the increased involvement of clubs, societies and student volunteers in fund raising.  The amount of money raised by both the RAG committee and other student groups has increased dramatically on recent years as a result. I hope the success of RAG this year continues and it is something that students at Southampton University are proud of and want to get involved with.

Congratulations to all those who contributed to this amazing total this year. Stay tuned for more news on what’s in store for EnviroRAG week!


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    Hi Matt,

    My view of what RAG does is to raise money for charity, and it does this very well by encouraging all sorts of individuals and causes to get involved. All donations that do go to charity have to go through RAG – so let’s not have an argument on “technicalities” and instead celebrate how we have had a diverse platform of people and causes who have raised money for charity. Thats what Raise and Give is all about.

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