Solent to charge £7,800 tuition fees


It has been announced that Southampton Solent University is to charge £7,800 per year tuition fees from September 2012.

Southampton Solent, often ranked as one of the lowest-achieving universities in the country, currently charges £3,375 per year for UK and EU undergraduate students. The University will charge £1,200 per year less than the maximum they are allowed to starting next year, becoming another of the many universities to announce increased fees following government reviews.

Professor Van Gore, Vice Chancellor of Solent University, explained the decision as reflecting “a fair balance between our commitment to social justice and the need to invest in improving the student experience.” He added that for next year the university “shall be enhancing student support and working more closely with employers, placing an even greater emphasis on ’employability’.

It is yet to be announced how much the University of Southampton tuition fees will increase by next year, but the Wessex Scene will report on this as soon as the news is made public.


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