The Editorial Positions 2011/2012


Deputy Editor x1 – Works with the Editor directing the Wessex Scene and its volunteers. Must be well organised.

News Editor x2 – Online only. A news editor accumulates a group of reporters and leads that group. Issues reporters with stories to write and sub-edits them when finished. Must be able to keep track of a number of running stories at once.

Politics Editor x2 – Online & Magazine. Politics will cover Student Union politics, Southampton politics, national politics and international politics.

Opinion Editor x1 – Online & Magazine. Opinion will include regular columnists, debates, comment articles, open letters and opinions from outside of the student body, e.g. University staff and local business holders. A big role that requires an open mind. Another editor for this section may be required at a later date.

Features Editor x2 – Online & Magazine. Features is a melting pot of investigations, reviews, focused examinations of a single topic and more. These editors should be creative in the content and delivery of the features in their section, as well as having an eye for good writing.

International Editor x1 – Online & Magazine. News and features of particular interest to international students, e.g. content about International societies and events. Must be friendly and approachable.

Winchester Editor x1 – Online & Magazine. News and features of particular interest to students based at the Winchester School of Art. The need for creativity is a given.

Lifestyle Editor x2 – Online & Magazine. Female and male health and fitness, leisure, food, drink, sex, fashion, agony aunt etc. Again, should be particularly creative concerning the content and method of delivering the features.

Science Editor x1 – Online & Magazine. News and features concerning science, technology and the environment.

Travel Editor x1 – Online & Magazine. Features about travel with a constant focus on the student readership.

Sports Editor x2 – Online & Magazine. A heavy focus on university sport as well as other sport. An interest in a wide range of sports is helpful, as is a willingness to liaise extensively with university teams.

Pause Editor x1 – Online only. Pause (the name is still up for debate!) is a tab on the website which will provide content suitable for a five minute procrastination break: Youtube videos, comic rants, celebrity gossip, links to funny websites etc. This will be a light-hearted, entertaining section and the editor will obviously have to have a sense of fun. But they should also be open minded and organised because they will be using the Regular Contributor scheme (their writers writing at least once a fortnight, so that series are formed). W2 will no longer exist but those who were involved with that may be particularly interested in this role.

Recruitment & Publicity Officer x1 – Responsible for recruiting new writers, designers, photographers, technicians for the Wessex Scene. Also responsible for helping to publicise the Wessex Scene to people who are not currently reading our content. Must be excellent at engaging with new people. A good way to prepare for this would be to start recruiting new people before the AGM!

Graphic Designer x1 – Becomes an expert (if they’re not one already) in our design desktop publishing software: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. This role is less time-demanding with help only needed each month at a meeting and then over the weekend while the magazine is layed up (designed). The GDO uses their expertise in InDesign and Photoshop, which they will have gained before the summer, to assist the editors as they lay up their sections, offering advice. If you like designing posters or mucking about with Photoshop, then you’ll be well suited to this position.

The successful applicants for the following positions will be at a later date after the AGM. If you think you’d be interested in one of them, drop a message to

Online Manager and Technicians – Computer-literate people to provide web support to (which runs off WordPress). The Editor will frequently require changes to be made to the design as well as assistance if the site crashes.

Image Editor x1 – Will be in charge of recruiting and directing a group of photographers, illustrators and cartoonists whose contributions will be required on an ad hoc basis.

The Wessex Scene’s 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held at 6pm-8pm on Thursday 19th May in Building 42, Meeting Room 2 (by the squash courts).

When you have decided which you would like to run for, please email


Mike is the Editor of the Wessex Scene for 2011/2012 after fulfilling the role of Features Editor in 2010/2011. Apart from taking charge of the ever-expanding Scene, Mike enjoys writing for a broad range of the sections, though his heart truly lies in reporting and Features.

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    Would have loved to try my hand at a committee position; unfortunately, I am already intending to commit to two other media department committees, and I just have too much going on next year. I’m sure whoever is elected will do a great job, though!

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