Graduate Plans ‘On Hold’


New research suggests that almost 40 per cent of all graduates have been unable to live the life they first desired.

The survey sampled over a thousand people who graduated in the past five years and found that 50 per cent had not managed to scrape together any savings yet.

Another half of those questioned said they had put off buying a house or car, and over a quarter admitted that they were having to postpone starting a family by at least five years.

The survey, carried out by the comparison site, also suggests that there is a lack of information and advice available when it comes to money. More than 75 per cent of respondents said they did not feel there was enough being done to inform students on debt, budgeting and finance.

Vice President Welfare and Communities at SUSU, Frankie Fry, reminded Southampton students of what is available at their student union:

“To support students financially, SUSU’s Advice Centre offer a wealth of advice and support.  The Centre offers advice on all strands of student finance from budgeting to debt management.”

“SUSU also runs student facing campaigns to inform students of how best to manage their money and to highlight current issues surrounding finance.”




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