Revolution to Apply for Terrace Hours


Bedford Place club Revolution has applied to the Southampton City Council to change it’s premises licence, in order to allow live music and DJ sets to be played on its roof terrace into the night.

The club currently has to apply for temporary event licences to do so, but the new agreement would mean Revolution would be able to play music on the terrace from 11am to 10.30pm every day.

However, the application has been met with strong criticism from residents living close to the club who have written in to the council advising them not to accept the application.

One resident living nearby to the club said: “Already we experience unacceptable late night noise from these premises, customers queing to get in, spilling onto the pavement, screaming and shouting when leaving the premises. To allow this application to go ahead would cause further impact on our quality of life!”

A retired resident that lives near Bedford Place said: “The young students have no interest in their surroundings. The rubbish that is thrown into our gardens every day confirms this.

“So how can we accept a new idea that will only encourage them in their bad behaviour?”

The application will be discussed by the Licensing Sub-Committee next Tuesday.


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    Old people are funny.


    The application to vary a Premises Licence was allowed, but with a condition added that any amplified sound from or on the roof terrace shall be passed through a sound limiting device with the level to be set and maintained to the satisfaction of Environmental Health.

    Seems reasonable.

    A shame to see the comment above, suggesting that its funny to see residents quality of life suffer due to the minority of thoughtless students who are unreasonably noisy, who litter the streets, and and get drunk to the point of vomiting in the street

    If pubs and clubs allow people to get so drunk that they are disorderly their licenses should be revoked, and the revellers should be treated to a night in the cells

    Simon Boyce

    Yeah, lock ’em all up. And bring back national service while we’re at it.

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