Arrests Made Over Social Media Messages


Hampshire Police have arrested three people on suspicion of using Twitter and Blackberry Messenger to incite violent disorder in Southampton.

Two remained in custody over Wednesday night and will be interviewed today, the other has been released on bail.

The arrests follow another made on Tuesday of an 18-year-old found posting similar messages over Facebook. On his release from custody, he said: “My acts were stupid and immature, even though I never wanted to start a riot, by creating a page about one I could have incited one. So for that I’m sorry.

“I know the rioting is a big fear everywhere and didn’t think about the negative side of my poor idea and how people felt. Hopefully the actions taken will make people think twice about trashing their own city and following a bad example.”

Hampshire Police have also charged 20 year old Mitchel Stancombe after an investigation into the posting of inciteful messages on Facebook. He appears before magistrates Friday.

In a speech to the commons today, Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the government would be speaking to Twitter, Facebook and RIM, the makers of Blackberry, in regards to the use of social media in spreading violent messages.

Hampshire Police confirmed there has still been no disorder in the city relating to the nationwide rioting.



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