Sabbaticals aim to be ‘Heart of University Life’


Preparing for the year ahead running the student union, the sabbatical team have promised to focus on three key aims over the next 12 months.

In a blog post, President Sam Ling outlined “what we will achieve for you in our year of office”. The key themes included being fully engaged with the union membership, be the informed and legitimate voice of their members, and to be relevant to the entire student body.

Sam said: “We decided that we should take three of the vision statements from the Union Mission, Vision and Values which we would spend this year focusing on to make a big step forwards in delivering on those goals.”

“The next step in this process will be to take those goals and produce a plan of action on how we will work as a team to deliver on these points. These will go towards the new Sabbatical team plan, which will include both our team, and personal goals for the year.”

Engagement has been an issue for SUSU in past years, with low turnouts for the last two Annual General Meetings meaning any motions passed were not written into constitution without subsequent approval. An increasing apathy towards the amount of elections last year was also a contributing factor to many of the available positions not being filled.

Addressing the issue of engagement in his blog, Sam said of the new strategy: “The aim is to then take this to the first Union Council of the year, and to publicise it online through our blogs and social media presence, in order to give students a clear picture of what their Sabbatical team will be doing for them over the coming year.”

You can read the full post here.


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    Will be interested to see if people who aren’t heavily involved in the union can be persuaded to go to UC, especially because they can’t vote. I know my attendance to UC was effected by the fact that I felt my voice couldn’t be heard, and because I didn’t always know what my place way at UC

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