Two hoodies and an Arts student


Picture this. It’s Saturday night, and I’m out at a rather upscale wine bar. I’m wearing my newly purchased top, my Ted Baker leather red bag and skinny jeans. Feeling pretty good about my choice of outfit. I look across the table and who am I out with? Two hoodies. Yeah that’s right. I’m all for feeling comfortable, but we were at a wine bar, on a Saturday night. As we walked into the bar the bouncers looked at them twice before consequently IDing them. Luckily I had my shirted and booted boyfriend next to me.

Being a fashion student and going to an art school has definitely made me more aware of what I choose to wear. Is it important to care a lot? Not necessarily. Is it right? Maybe. First impressions at an art school? Slightly scary. Despite the fact that only about 25% of art students dress with a difference. The majority actually dress strangely average. I am one of the strangely average people, I think. Partly due to the no money aspect, however it is also partly to do with the fact that I really don’t have the nerve. So you can probably leave the blue hair dye at the chemist.

Although you may want to stock up on some fancy dress costumes. You will probably be a raver, a superhero and an animal at some point during the first two weeks of university. This is the best way to bond and show your true arty colours.


Written by Stephanie Orlowski


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