Paralympic Gold Medallists to Speak at Southampton


Next Tuesday will see the University of Southampton host a major disability conference that aims to maximise engagement with next years’ Paralympic games and ensure a future legacy for disablity sports.

Held in collaboration with local partners, the conference’s keynote speakers include Paralympian swimmers Peter Hull MBE and Chris Holmes MBE, both former gold medallists at the games.

As well as speakers the conference will also include workshops and coaching sessions based around such values as “Breaking Down Barriers” and “Making the Most of London 2012”.

Hampshire 2012 Coordinator Barry Kitcher said: “We believe that this will be an exciting, and informative conference, enabling delegates to take with them tangible solutions that will address some of the issues surrounding accessibility to sport.

“We know of no other conference addressing these important issues and we have received enthusiastic support from national, regional and local organisations.”

The University of Southampton will also act as a pre-games training camps for London 2012. It’s Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics (WUMTIA) is one of only eight organisations which has been picked as Innovation Partners to UK Sport, which means the University’s facilities will be supporting domestic athletes as they strive to reach their full potential.

WUMTIA has previously aided the British cycling team and helped Amy Williams to Bob Skeleton gold in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.



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