University gains significant funding for postgrads in humanities


Charitable institution The Wolfson Foundation has awarded the University of Southampton funding in excess of £200,000 to provide three postgraduate scholarships in Humanities.

During the initial year the foundation will award nine UK universities with three scholarships, each corresponding to different disciplines. The foundation believes humanities are critical to British society, so they aim to minimise some of the pressures of funding within the subject area.

Research in the humanities is of critical importance to British society.

Paul Ramsbottom
Chief Executive of TWF

In view of the recent rise in tuition fees, the scheme should encourage more students to continue to postgraduate study without the concern of unmanageable debt.

The scholarships are a testament to the quality of the work in the school of humanities and the high level of research and teaching promoted by the staff in the faculty, believes Professor Anne Curry, Dean of Humanities.

Students beginning their doctoral study in the year 2012 will be eligible for the rewards, but must demonstrate potential as academic leaders in the fields of history, literature and/or languages, to be selected. The scholarships will be awarded on a basis of merit and impact.

The Wolfson Foundation has funded over 8000 projects since it began in 1955.



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