I love WSA review


The second event in the Freshers week calendar took place on Monday with the ‘I ♥love WSA’ night at the WSA students’ union.

The star attraction came in the form of Cut Corners, a local band who have taken part in, and won, the battle of the band competition at our very own Railway. The crowd loved them, and at the end of their performance, the band joined the crowd as two second year students took over the music.

The theme of the night was UV, and so there were a few luminous pink wigs and a selection of UV face pencils floating around. The drawings on people’s faces started out as little hearts or whiskers, but it didn’t take long for them to descend to the odd word and parts of the human body, with many people’s faces covered in a greeny orangey mix of art that made many look like an avatar from Pandora.

It ended up being one of what will most likely be many good nights during this year’s Freshers fortnight, although a fair amount of cleaning will be required when back at home.

Written by Sarah Benson


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