The Winchester Walkabout wandered too far


The night started with the donning of t-shirts and, after a few adjustments with marker pens, everyone was branded with their names and in most cases, their favourite STD. All groups moved from place to place at their own pace, depending on the level of intoxication of the leaders, and some places got more of a look than others, merely peering into plain and fancy before heading straight to spoons where the drinks cost about half the price.

Reviewing the list of pubs from the Winchester walkabout makes me sympathise with one fresher I overheard asking β€œis this event actually organised?” as not all the freshers managed to see all the venues. However, the Freshers still saw the sights of Winchester as some leaders dragged freshers to fish and chip shops and even home for a few cheeky shots.

Wherever you ended up, drinks and conversation flowed through the evening. The t-shirts helped you avoid too many awkward encounters with the locals who all looked on as their view of the football on the TV was destroyed by swarms of freshers seeing the sights of Winchester. The bundles of energy were finally unleashed on the Port House, one of Winchesters two premier clubs, where the good times continued until the early hours.

Written by Mike Thebridge


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    The title of this is a bit misleading. Also I think the STD comment is insulting to freshers and that the whole article is quite insulting to the organizers who were themselves students and went out of their way to plan and organize a safe and successful event.

    Not my favourite article ever.

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    In response to your Comment, the Writer know’s the organisers of the Winchester Walkabout, and was merely stating his opinion. It was a fresher student who made the comment on whether it had been organised properly, and the STD comment was clearly made in jest. As friends of the organisers, and indeed Mike I feel like the night became an inevitable success despite the circumstances, and the freshers I spoke to had a good night.

    Also if you had seen what was written on Most of the freshers’ t-shirts, you would have agreed with the “branded with their favourite STD” comment was actually accurate. Did you actually attend the event?

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