Pyjama party definitely worth staying up for


Getting ready for a night in, for a night out felt a little bit strange, but the pyjama party was definitely worth staying up past bedtime for.

The SU filled up quicker than ever, and was bursting at the seams for most of the night. The dance floor was always packed and lively, as was the bar, leaving plenty of time for conversations you have only when waiting for a drink.

As Daft Punk’s ‘robot rock’ played, the night exploded in a blur of feathers and bass. The new Dj came in the form of Finnbar Walsh who got the crowd in full swing with some classic mixes like James Browns “Sex machine”, resulting in some intense dance off’s and even a conga line. This was my first time seeing those DJs on the turntables and it hopefully won’t be the last.

About half way through the evening the raffle was announced with the lucky winners going home with a Fresher’s Survival pack including many condoms, glow sticks, the true fresher essentials and everyone else feeling good that they contributed to a charity of some sort.

The final entertainment of the evening was the pillow fight and feathers, with many of the feathers being stuffed down bras for boys and girls alike and although no pillows were thrown many could be seen sporting new moustaches and white Afro’s.

Everything about the pyjama party was better than a usual night at the union, the people came in their hundreds, the music had more soul and the feathers offered cushioning to those who slipped on the dance floor. There can be no doubt that this was the best night of freshers so far, the only question is with the bar set so high, how will they top this as we eagerly await tonights psychedelic party.


Written by Jessica Taylor and Mike Thebridge


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