Psychedelic but underwhelming


It’s Friday night and after a long week of partying hard with the freshers, we’re all burnt out and wanting a night in. 

Tonight saw the return of WSA’s weekly Fat Panda night, where each Friday we are encouraged to let our creative juices flow and don our best fancy dress to fit the given theme. For the psychedelic theme, the costumes were expected to be of utmost eccentricity, but resulted in a few good attempts and a big disappointment.

Still reeling in the shadow of the brilliant Pyjama party the night before and with the promise of an even bigger night out for the SUSU’s “Wonderland” party on Saturday, Fat Panda modestly powered on with little advertising and hope that the freshers were still awake. I arrived at about 10.30 to find the dance floor was completely empty, and the only people there besides staff, were some members of the JCR team. One of the three DJ’s very kindly played the “bare necessities” on request to lift the mood.

Slowly but surely they flocked in their numbers, small groups at first, who unfortunately left soon after, only to be replaced by bigger groups who had friends that were also on their way. With the numbers slowly rising, things looked up, though people were leaving, there were more entering, and it seemed they were ready to have a good night regardless.

The DJs were still spinning out great music, and the drinks were flowing nicely – the atmosphere had relaxed. It seems the Pyjama party was the hit of this week. May many more of those commence.

By Dhamina Mistry


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