Vintage Fair


Sunday morning arrives, the glorious heatwave continues and the birds are singing in joy. Up early? Well early enough to have a bit of a lie-in of course. But really it is essential that you take a trip down into the town centre of Winchester to see the goings on; it’s always best on a Sunday morning for various reasons.

Start at Poundland where you’re enticed into the meander of the vintage market. The stalls melt into each other, magnificently crammed with clothes, quirky items, shoes and accessories. It’s necessary to take a stroll around a few times at least just so you can see everything in all its glory.
The vintage sellers on the stall all give out their best-selling smile knowing that if they just chat to you enough they’ll bag a sale. But it works and for all the right reasons. There are so many distinct items that conjure up the thought that you are going to be the only one with this top, avoiding that awkward situation when you walk past someone with the flower-print number from New Look.

You will have to scrabble through several racks just to make sure that you haven’t missed another vital item you’re capable of splurging your entire student loan on. Ready for that victorious feeling as you walk away knowing that you’ve just bought something vintage, something out of the ordinary, something that everyone is totally bound to be jealous of.

Plus it doesn’t come in a Primark bag which is always an advantage.

So if you want that fabulous feeling of satisfaction then pop on down to Winchester on Sunday 16th October to experience it when it happens all over again.

Go on, you know you want to.



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