Illustration Without the Pen and Paper


Illustration.. it’s quite a wide term really when you think about it. 

Are you picturing the hungry caterpillar right now?

Thought so.

But really, what is illustration and how can we push its limits?

Illustration is stereotypically pen on paper but more recently found objects have become a key source to creating an illustration. By no means is this meant to offend the beautiful talent that is hand drawn illustration. But instead of picking up a pen why not pick up a photo or found object to create a new illustration?

Artists have been using “readymades” (found objects) to create illustrations instead of pens and pencils. At first a lot of people were very critical of this use, especially the “Fountain” which was submitted by Marcel Duchamp. But now it has become accepted by most and some have written that it is “the most influential piece of modern art.”

The main intention behind using found objects is to open our eyes to objects that may have previously been ignored which limited the way of seeing mundane objects of everyday life.

By the means of intervention of the object you are removing their original context enabling to create a new piece with a different concept. Through simple change the previous image acquires a fresh allure, contrasting from the original.

You can now purchase zines and books that are solely based on ‘readymades’. Take a look when you’re next in your local WHSmiths or have a browse on the internet, you’ll be sure to find one that matches an interest of yours.

So, next time you’re out and you’re in the mood for a quick doodle try out something new. Go find yourself an amazingly cool (and possibly hygienic) object to do the drawing for you, go crazy with variety, repetition, ripping and distortion.. who knows what will come out!?


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