Silicon Valley ‘Appathon’ Continues


The Silicon Valley Comes to the UK Appathon is continuing this morning, as teams worked throughout the night to get applications written by this afternoon’s deadline.

Last night, teams each gave a short explanation of their ideas to the rest of the participants, with ideas including mapping crime data, assessing an area on the basis of it’s local services, an app to find the nicest place to have a picnic, on the basis of the weather and a to-do list app which points out when to run errands based on your location and details of where local services are based, for example, “You’re walking past the post office, so send off your passport application”.

Facebook Partner Engineer Jonathan Dean

Yeaterday evening featured beer, pizza and tributes to both Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie, two very influential and pivotal figures in the industry, who have died over the last few weeks. Students also took advantage of the industry mentors’ presence, spending time discussing the industry.

Jonathan Dean, a ‘Partner Engineer’ for Facebook discussed his role, which combines business and sales with needing to be an exceptionally talented coder, with several students, and talked about the way Facebook uses personal information, and the trust put in the company by their 800million users.

Teams then returned to coding their apps, which continued until the building was locked up shortly before midnight, before returning to their code at 9AM this morning.


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