Food and Drink Creation and Appreciation Soc at WSA


The food and drink Creation and Appreciation society extends an invitation to all those aspiring cuisine connoisseurs at WSA.

This is a society dedicated not only to scoffing tea and cake (though there will be a fair amount of this involved) but also to appreciating culinary activity and etiquette.

We aim to improve our cooking and entertaining expertise though organizing events, solving problems like budgeting and of course educational trips to pubs, restaurants and cafes to provide inspiration for prospective soirees.

If the prospect of competitive baking, taste testing, traditional tea parties and dinner parties has you salivating, then this is the society for you.

Meetings take place fortnightly on Wednesday’s at 3pm to discuss recipes, crockery, plan events and of course appreciate food, which usually takes the form of tea and cake.

In light of the festive season and to welcome new prospective members, our first event is a mince pie tasting (with cream so we can properly appreciate them) which takes place on the 7th of December at 3pm in The Union Winchester.

There is an annual membership fee of £2, which will be collected at this event.

Society officer Anna White is also organising the first come dine with me competition, where there will be £20 prize money up for grabs. More details coming soon…

Written by Tessa Gray



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