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On Tuesday at 1pm students flocked in search for a toasty and talk from the Christian Union at the WSASU. The CU members took orders as to which toasty everyone would like upon arrival. There was a wide selection of toasties to choose from including tomato, cheese and even banana!

I could over hear the chatter as people arrived; “This is busier than FatPanda ever gets!” said a third year.

Our Winchester (Site) Officer, Peter Whiddon, commented on the atmosphere: “It’s so good to see so many students turn up for a student run event and to show support of the Christian Union with a bonus of free tasty toasties!” with a random onlooker adding in “I sure love a toasty!”.

One of the joint CU leaders, Piero Regnante gave a quote for this occasion as well, “It’s nice to see the student union full and we’re happy we’ve had this opportunity to spread a bit of happiness to the students of WSA.”

The CU asked Gareth Leaney to come in and speak about success, learning and identity. A discussion to get everyone thinking.

“It’s not what you are that counts, it’s what they think you are.” Quoting from Andy Warhol really was the perfect way to connect with art students. The fifty toastieteers then had to discuss between them how much they agreed with the above statement. It was interesting to see that all years were here, of all faculties.

With the discussion turning to crits you could tell that everyone had a point of view to give. We’re constantly wondering what people are thinking, what they are going to say. With things that are meant to be public you always know that pressure comes hand in hand.

It is the same as to whether or not you have 45 million fans, or 1.  Everyone feels the same. With a mention about Lady Gaga and a poem in which she reads on stage to her adoring fans it became obvious that it is a problem everyone faces, even celebrities! It is a poem in which she states that until she is up in front of an audience and fans, it is then that she becomes alive.

But how does Jesus fit into all of this? The bible states that we were made from the image of God and what it means to be human. We are all creators, hold strong relationships and are great communicators. People are able to find answers within God and the Bible as a comparison to how Lady GaGa looks to her fans.

Life is about striving to seek approval. Do you lose yourself within other peoples opinions? It’s the balance to know when you accept and enjoy what you are doing.

So the challenge? To go to the WSACU and question them, they meet every Tuesday in seminar room 5 (above main reception) at 5pm over tea, coffee and biscuits.

Image by Roseanna Clare and Piero Regnante

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