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Assigned to write a review on a student at WSA I didn’t know where to start, until I was given Robin’s name from a third year. Straight away I thought he must be impressive to stand out from the hundreds of talented individuals to choose from- My assumption was correct. Robin Celebi’s animations are incredible.

Still from 'Nuclear'

To find out more, I spoke to Robin:

”  I work in different styles and mediums, and I would describe my work as clean and interesting design/animation.”

'Kinetic Typography'


This thought process is evident in his short animations such as Nuclear and Ninja: Fact vs Myth. I really like the blocks of colour and dynamic movements in his work, expecially in Kinetic Typography which was Celebi’s favourite pieces of work:

“‘Kinetic Typography’ is my favourite animation because it was really fun to make and entertaining to watch.”

Celebi’s inspiration is the amazing Saul Bass, the inspiration to many Motion artists, as well as Kuntzel and Deygas whose work were also inspired by Bass. 

“I’m just a big fan of minimalism, movie titles and credits. I like the more recent Sherlock Holmes titles, those things were cool.”

Celebi also take inspiration from films he has seen and taking photographs. He also finds talking to people about his work or the work of others useful in find inspiration.

Clockwork Orange Posters (Copyright

Robin’s greatest achievements so far has been his two Clockwork Orange movie posters which were featured in an exhibition in the Cinematheque Francais after one of their scouts discovered his work online. This is an amazing achievement and it just goes to show that amazing things can happen when you showcase your talent and get yourself out there!


I asked Robin where he see’s himself in the future:

“Ultimately I’d like to go into Film, maybe starting in music videos and see where I go from there.”

With a versatile portfolio and a heap of creative talent, Robin Celebi is definately a name to watch in title sequences and credits to come.

Check out his awesome Portfolio at







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