Do WSA Students Feel Part of Southampton University?


Nicola Manuel: Illustration

In the bubble of Winchester we feel at home. Granted, from the outside, it seems not a lot goes on, but somehow we manage to fill those sixteen hours of the day that we aren’t sleeping. Many social hours are spent in our local pubs. On a Thursday we resort to Bone and on a Friday, the Railway or Students Union. But how does this compare to the typical uni lifestyle we were all brought up to anticipate?

Are we satisfied without the influence of students on other courses? Where are the Science geeks that create drunken fun? The drama students who exhaust every situation?  There’s just us, a creative bunch. Seemingly though, we have created a community for ourselves. No-one is a complete stranger. We have built a family atmosphere where we feel comfortable.

Our problem with the Highfield campus is not so much distance but access. To be enthusiastic about events and societies we need to be properly in the know. Here at the Wessex Scene, we have recognised the issues at hand and fully intend to strengthen this gap between the two campuses. By reading our magazine and website you’ll gain a full understanding of news, lifestyle and sports on both campuses.

Let’s face it we have the best of both worlds. An impressive campus in Britain’s best place to live, as awarded by Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location. And an even bigger campus close enough to have full access to, yet be far enough to be away from all the pressures. Oh, and let’s not forget the honour of having a degree from The University of Southampton.

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