Laptops Removed by Police in Hartley Library


    Local police temporarily took unattended laptops from desks in Hartley Library to warn students of the risks of leaving expensive possessions unguarded.

After a rise in laptop thefts in the library this term, the police held a patrol in the library this week as part of a special operation in student areas.

The Police found seven laptops unattended within one hour and used scare tactics to warn students about the danger of leaving laptops unattended on campus.

PC Gail Salley said: “To get the message across, some of the laptops were taken by police officers and we waited until the owner returned to their workstation to find their laptop missing.  We then returned the laptop with the message that they were lucky it was taken by us and not by a thief.”

The police also promoted the immobilise scheme to students, which is a website that creates a free portfolio of personal property to help in the recovery of stolen goods.


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