TGC: WSA’s Newest Society


Tyrannical Goats Confederation? Totally Gorgeous Cluster? Tantalisingly Generic Cult?

Alas, no. TGC stands for Tabletop Games Consortium, the newest society to come to Winchester School of Art with Marcello Gibezzi as president. The Tabletop Games Consortium aims to cure student boredom, improve communication and create competition, not to mention produce some magnificent sore-loser tantrums.

With plans for Twister, Giant Jenga, and a homemade WSA Monopoly featuring local locations, the TGC is not just restricted to four legged wooden platforms; the whole Student’s Union will be our tabletop.

Funding from SUSU meant that ebay and charity shops became our hunting ground for board game bargains. We have a long list of suggested games we want to buy, borrow and bring, making a wide selection for our members to play with, and with our new shiny sign-out sheets, members will be able to hire out games like books from a library.

In exciting yet related news, we hope to have our own cupboard for board game storage so they can remain safe under lock and key while not being used.

Tabletop Games Consortium is open to everyone, its doors open to all students, its cupboard open to all who have signed the sign-out sheet. So come one and all to Winchester School of Art Students Union when the new semester begins to enjoy board games galore. Email to find out more, or to check our facebook page, just search for Tabletop Games Consortium!


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