Art Students in Southampton?


Jacob Coy: Graphic Arts

September was a stressful month for a lot of anticipating WSA First Years as the over-subscribed spaces in Erasmus Park were filling up, leaving a vast percentage of students from all courses left in the dark about where they were going to live. These students were later to move into the halls in Southampton with a year of commuting ahead of them.

Now we are half way through our first year, I asked fellow Graphic Arts Student, Nancy Luong about her experiences living in Southampton:

Access and Travel: Supplied with a small allowance by the university, most WSA students in Southampton have to take a bus and a train to get to Winchester, how they get up that early in the morning I have no idea. Even something as small as popping into the studios to pick up is so much easier (and cheaper) for the Erasmus students.

Creative Community: Living in Erasmus, there is the advantage of living in a creative environment and having a lot of fun with familiar faces. The Students in Southampton halls also have a small art community as they have been put together in an ‘Art Block’ which has made it easier for them to make friends on their courses.

Night life: Obviously, Southampton wins hands down for nightlife. For starters they have a bar in their halls! But let’s face it, Erasmus parties and drama in Pitcher & Piano are priceless. No doubt that their Fresher’s trumped ours though.

 “The social life is great here. Great for the first year when you want to spend most of your time going out!”

Living in the City: Winchester is a great place for inspiration and there’s always something going on in town. Southampton is huge and the shopping there is amazing. As an artist it is great for discovering new things:

 “I remember wondering around Southampton for the Photography project and then finding myself in the old part of the city, that was quite nice!”

There are many benefits of living in such a big and modern city as an artist, so much so that a few WSA students are looking for housing in Southampton! Personally, I love rolling out of bed 15 minutes before I have to be in the Studio!




2nd Year studying Graphic Arts (Illustration)

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