Artist Showcase: Michael Davies


 “Symmetry and asymmetry are the main focal points of my work. In aesthetic terms, asymmetrical images appear less awkwardly than symmetrical ones because they are slightly disjointed.” 


An interest in natural forms was the starting point for Michael’s current work. As a level two fine art student specialising in print, Michael enjoys a certain amount of freedom in the studio. Fixed projects engage him less as his best work occurs when he can really develop his ideas and images.


Starting with natural forms, Michael puts images through a long process of copying, transforming and evolving into different mediums. These processes involve a certain amount of chance and randomness, but ones that Michael has learnt to control. As he transforms an image from one medium to the other he can distort it to create the most appropriate representation with each medium he works with. As a big fan of this element of chance, Michael enjoys all the “happy accidents” involved and is content with leaving some of his pieces to evolve on their own.


Although the original images were of root patterns he found in Winnall moors, the original is somewhat lost in the cycle of reproduction and evolution and made less relevant than the processes themselves.  At times the images seem a long way from natural forms, and many of his symmetrical images appear as Rorschach images, though these are still rooted in the natural forms.


Michael’s exhibition at the Print Atelier last semester pulls all his work together in a successful exhibit. He collaged all his works together and laid them out so that all the images reflect each other in some form, creating a strange sense of unity and order in the constantly evolving, almost chaotic series. Michael’s work hits something instinctive to all humans, trying to find and make order out of the chaos and beauty of natural forms.


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