Winchester’s Where To Live Low Down


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Deciding where to live can be difficult as everyone you ask will usually insist that where they live is the most sensible, reasonably priced and generally best. But realistically there are a lot of areas in Winchester where students can live that each have their own perks.


Winnall is the area where halls is located, so moving here will seem familiar. Tesco is just up the road and there is a one stop in the area if you just need a chocolate bar or cigarettes. Winnall boasts a fine selection of food, including Supreme Chinese and a nice little chippy. If you are worried about making The Ship or First In Last Out your local then you can think again, there are a few quality pubs nestled in the streets of Winnall including the award winning Golden Lion.


Weeke/ Fulford are a little further out. Generally beyond the train station is bit more of an exclusive area of town. With a Waitrose fuelling the locals you may want to walk a bit further for more affordable groceries. Obviously being a more upmarket area will mean higher costs for what you get but the area is safer and cleaner. But there aren’t too many student properties this way, so you may have to be prepared to walk to see your friends.


Stanmore is often bad mouthed, even by its own residents, but mainly because they have to walk so far to uni in the mornings. It has its own local shops and exquisite take aways, and holds large numbers of Winchester University students, so there will be a lot of new friends to make. Do note though, Stanmore has a reputation as one of the rougher areas of the city.


Highcliffe and Bar end are situated on the south east side of the city, about 15 minutes walk from the city centre. The perks of living on the south side include the Black Boy, a fine drinking establishment and a local fish and chip van that visits weekly. There is a stronger suburban community feel that gives Highcliffe a certain charm. Unfortunately there are few shops in the area, although there is an alleyway (unlit) that leads straight to Tesco via Winnall.


North Walls and the Town centre are prime locations to live, though truly affordable properties will be snapped up quickly and you are less likely to get as much for your money. Although convenience is king around here, you may be stuck with a poky little house and have to sacrifice your lounge space so you can walk less in the morning. Obviously, living here means you have almost instant access to the high street and university, and will make your house first choice for pre drinks.


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