Virus Caught through Oral Sex Linked to Oral Cancer Cases


HPV, or Human Papillomavirus, has recently been linked to a rise in oral cancer cases.

The virus, most commonly known as the cause of cervical cancer in women, can be contracted through vaginal and anal sex. However, it can be passed orally too, and partaking in oral sex can add to the risk of contracting the virus.

HPV is now recognised as a cause of oral cancer; approximately 800 cases of oral cancer are connected to the virus each year according to The National Cancer Intelligence Network, and it is most commonly diagnosed in men.

It is possible for both men and women who missed the introduction of the injections at schools to pay for the HPV vaccine  but it is not yet available apart from through private practices.

However, it is not certain whether the vaccine is entirely effective in preventing oral HPV cases, since evidence is lacking.

The more sexual partners an individual has, the higher the risk – and the risk can only be lowered by having the vaccine or changing sexual habits.

It is hoped that with further research  the link between oral cancer and oral sex can be better understood. However, contraception during oral sex is recommended to ensure maximum sexual health.


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    Good Morning,Recently, I attended a sneamir in which this particular subject matter was very thoroughly discussed. Dr. John Kamar, of Ohio State University (I think that was the Oral Pathologist’s name who spoke), absolutely indicated that the use of Vizilite was of very little value and was no more effective than a proper routine oral examination by a competent dental professional. He also mentioned that the use of the VelScope was still under investigation as to its usefulness but there was hope for it in the future. Following that sneamir, I further investigated his comments by contacting Katrina Cordell, an Oral Pathologist at the University of Michigan, who agreed with the comments of Dr. Kamar. The hype of these oral cancer products seem to be greater than the actual value of their use. The perception is that those dentists who use one of these products are serving patients better than those who don’t. It would be wonderful if we had a product that had a clear and concise advantage to discover oral cancer in its earlier stages in order to help decrease the ravages of the disease. I am an extremely conscientious dentist and am always in a learning mode on this and every other matter in our profession. This particular matter is not the only one for which I have serious concerns. I hope we can resolve this matter especially when there are companies involved who make a profit by selling devices, equipment, supplies, etc. The bottom line for me is obtaining truth by scientific evidence which then allows for the best care possible for the people we serve. If a product, etc is available to help us in this endeavor, all the better but such a product, etc. should be of actual value (without question) and not just perceived value. Your comments are well-appreciated on this matter as the goal is to better serve our patients and thereby reduce or eliminate the problems associated with oral cancer.Respectfully,Marvin Sonne, DDSInternational Secretary Alpha Omega Dental FraternityPresident Francis B Vedder Society Crown & Bridge ProsthodonticsTrenton, MI

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