Artist Showcase: Elicea Andrews


“I have been working on breaking down the thresholds between the mediums and creating art that crosses the dimensions. “

Fine Art 2nd year sculpture student Elicea Andrews work combines aspects of painting, sculpture and photography. Interested in the idea of dimensions Elicea’s work aims to push these boundaries.

2D paintings escaping their frames inspired Elicea to move into photography. In these photographs the subject pushes through the frame, as the body crosses the threshold of the frame it becomes covered in a vibrant colored paint. 

“My intention behind this photo shoot was to switch around the dimensions of our world and the painted world. When one normally sees a frame they see a painting behind it, but for this photo shoot I have actively switched these dimensions around, putting the ‘real’ world behind the frame and the painted world in front of it. I have framed these photographs in the same frame that the model is holding; resulting in a frame within a frame, or a dimension inside a dimension.”

Just as the subject has entered the paintings dimension and pushed the physical boundaries, Elicea has been pushing the boundaries between disciplines as well . In her latest works Elicea has treated the frames as an opening to a new dimension. But instead of pushing through she has created a series of sculptures that feature artistic material ‘exploding’ out of the frame, frozen between the thresholds. Using all the materials for a painting Elicea has transformed the idea of a painting into a sculptural dimension. 

Currently in the process of developing these sculptural paintings Elicea has taken on a more theatrical influence. Reminiscent of Salvador Dali‘s melting clocks the sculpture appears to have been shattered by a great force into an organic liquid explosion of glass. 

Although not exhibiting her work at the moment Elicea has had successful exhibitions at Atelier : Sculpture last autumn and continually shows her work online at
Written by Jessica Taylor
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