Prohibition Success


The deadlines have been met and all the work handed in so what better way to celebrate but the first big night back at the SU.

Second, third and even first years came out in a flurry of sequins, bowler hats and braces. With promotional deals like £1 beer and £2 doubles the bar remained busy and the alcohol flowed steadily. The bouncers remained vigilant when some people had too much alcohol but it was dealt with, with a certain amount of humour if some hurt pride.

Although there was 20’s music mixed in there was also promotional gimmicks such as 50 free shots to the first 50 people and a lower entrance fee of £1. The evening was a success and it was nice to see our SU busy and wanting our opinion with any suggestions for improvement being taken behind the bar.

This was the first SU night since the demise of Fat Panda and if Thursday was anything to go by then it was a success and will hopefully follow suit next Thursday for the SU’s ‘an evening of vintage’.

Written by Jessica Taylor


Nicola Manuel: Illustration

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