Artist Showcase – Piero Regnante


Third Year Graphic Arts student Piero Regnante is a very hands on Graphic Designer. Working with recycled materials, he creates ethical and tactile images which he later manipulates digitally.

“I try to be hands on and physically make things rather than jump straight digital. I do a lot of cutting and sticking”

His ‘analogue before digital’ work ethic creates an interesting layered affect; Piero’s Manifesto Postcards are an excellent example of his hands on approach. The illustrations for the postcards were cut by hand and they demonstrate who Regnante is as a designer, such as being a responsible practitioner and working analogue. I like the Manifesto Postcards because of the collage affect of the images layered, which were then cut into shapes and edited digitally.

My favourite pieces by Regnante is his supplement work. The torn pieces of paper create a textured and tactile affect which I find really interesting thought provoking.

Regnante is influenced a lot by people around him and his peers. He told me that the feedback he receives from his fellow Graphic Arts Students in the studio have been a great aid in his improvments in his portfolio and is a great way to discuss what’s going right.

“I’ve grown in my work; I looked back in my portfolio, there were some shocking stuff! It’s impressive to see how everyone else, including myself have developed. Nice to know it’s been worth it”

When I asked Piero where he sees himself in the future, he told me he’d like to live somewhere near the sea, and that he’d like to maybe work in a charity sector.

“I never like to do one thing. Design will definitely be a part of what I want to do in my job but it’s not the be-all and end- all in what I do.”

Piero Regnante is definitely a Graphic Designer to watch! See more of his amazing work on his blog :

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