Chapman Brother at WSA


Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media Launch Event

Wednesday evening held the event of the year so far.

Students, tutors and art enthusiasts hastily approached their seats in the main lecture hall. With excitement in the air the lecture started with an introduction of many impressive names and then a few words on WSA from the Head of School, Bashir Makhoul.

So what is Global Futures and what has it got to do with us, the students? 

“The Winchester Centre embodies the ethos of research- led practices in Art, Design and Media. The Centre highlights historical, contemporary and future roles for art, design and media within globalisation… it actively engages in education and enterprise, exploring the contribution of media, materials and technologies to the improvement of human societies globally.” As written in the handbook.

This organisation has grown tremendously, reflecting on the growth of WSA. Six years ago the attendance was 460 students, only on Fashion & Textiles and Fine Art courses. But in recent years the introduction of Graphic Arts, with an almighty 44% of students from overseas, now sits highly against the other two subjects with 1300 students attending.

The Launch consisted of a talk from Steve Graham, a graduate from our university “of the late 19th century” he commented comically. Now a Professor at University of Newcastle: School of Architecture, he spoke about the powers of war and the satirical responses it receives. Did you know that many training tasks are made into games and models, which are based on the real thing to help people learn?

Then came Jake Chapman who has become a professor at WSA in ‘Speculative Research’. Not only is he an artist but also a novelist and critic so his views are especially intriguing. How lucky are we?!

With a quick, interesting, film we launched straight into the questioning.

So here is J. Chapman in a few sentences- He tried and tested the wonders of Art School but felt it wasn’t right for him and so kick started his career through work. He works alongside his brother, a mix of two people creating one output. The main relationships that push his work are he and his brother, galleries and the people in them.

Simple, yet clearly so effective.

A few questions were taken from the floor like, “Has your work ever been censored?”, “Yes” he answered. Also,  “How is your brother going to help with your new role?” He replied, “He’s going to hold my bag and clean my glasses”, a response showing how very down to earth Jake Chapman really is.

As the drinks were merrily being passed around and the chatter of the lecture that once was, we got a cheeky chance to speak to Jake himself. We managed to bag a photo and ask one quick last question, “How would you describe your work in three words?” He comically responded “It’s not bad.”

It really does make it exciting having another famous name to add to the tutor list. Watch out for him around the campus, you’ll be sure not to miss him.


Abigail Moore with Jake Chapman.









Nicola Manuel with Jake Chapman

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