WSA First Refresher’s Fayre


Refreshers Fayre, 2nd February.

Well it finally happened, WSA had an event which invited the leaders of the societies to showcase what they were made of, a day where they opened up and announced what they were all about.

With tables at the ready the doors opened at 11am with a steady trickle of people in. Life Drawing was directly placed in the entrance, boob cakes made to suit, creating a wonderful start to the societies you could feast your eyes on. The other tables consisted of the ‘ Wessex Scene’- sat in all its glory with red jumpers sported, Tabletop Games Consortium, The Writers Society, Music, Christian Union, Food and Drink and JCR Erasmus Park.

Not only were there societies but also free Shakeaways, anything free always gets peoples attention, Creative Crafts- the local art shop for art student and Chlamydia testing in which you got a pair of pants as a result for partaking. Not bad going.

With the mixture of things happening situated in the heart of WSA it was a popular event, which definitely will grow bigger and stronger. Here is what some of the societies said about their societies and how you can get involved:

Christian Union:

“It is a society for Christians and non- Christians to meet and talk about God and other things with the main intention of forming friends.”

They meet on a Tuesday 5pm, Seminar room 8&9.


Writers Society:

“We started the writers society to give students a platform for their writing work to be discussed, developed and published. We want to give people an opportunity for people to write and see their work in print through zines and an online blog.”

Friday 12 in WSASU for meetings.


Music Society:

“It’s bloody exciting! But I know its going to be good fun and worth it. I’m hoping for the best. The society is to help people who don’t know how to play an instrument, discuss music, possibly gets discounts off gigs and to hopefully get a live WSA music radio up and running.”

Very new and exciting society with meeting times and places to be confirmed.


Food and Drink Society:

“We want to educate each other in a social setting about food. To appreciate culinary achievement and create successful events where people can try new foods, learn how to cook unfamiliar dishes and hopefully even overcome food prejudices. Nutritional information is also important to us as well as making food that is delicious. We want everyone to know that you can have both. ”

Meet at monthly intervals in WSASU. Facebook Group: Food and Drink Creation and Appreciation Soc.


Life Drawing Society:

“Cheap life drawing sessions in a relaxed environment giving people the opportunity to develop their skills using a range of medium. It is a key skill to develop for all art forms; it improves drawing and observation skills.”

Dates, time and meeting places to be confirmed.


Table Top Games Consortium:

“We aim to have some good old fashioned board game related fun, Wednesday afternoons in the SU.”


Winchester Writers for Wessex Scene:

Only two more issues to go so two more meetings left for issues six and seven. Any information can be gained from Emily Cotton, Winchester Editor, at or the Facebook group ‘Winchester Section Writers’.


Imagery Meetings for Wessex Scene:

Only two more issues to go so two more meetings left, any information can be gathered from myself, Nicola Manuel, by contacting me on or finding the ‘Wessex Scene Imagery’ Group on Facebook.




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