Artist Showcase: Bronwen Rees


Within an art school it can be easy to blend into the background. One of our fellow students who has been making this conscious effort is Bronwen Rees. She’s a Graphic Arts second year student at our very own Winchester School of Art who is inspired by those around her that are passionate about their work and design processes.

“When you see and hear them talking about that passion you can’t help but feel the excitement with them. Your own opinions don’t matter, what they are saying becomes your only focus.”

The focus of Bronwen’s own work has been heavily influenced by the idea of sustainable design as a result of taking the Responsible Design module as part of her course. It has become a really important consideration with all of her project work to try to change the affect her designs and products have on our planet.

Another way Bronwen stands out from the crowd is by gaining experience in the field. Over the summer, she got a 9 week internship at Ochee Studio, based in Stratford. It isn’t a huge company but it offered many opportunities like taking an active part in the design process and designing work that gets taken to the clients; opportunities that would maybe not be available to those undertaking internships in larger companies. A few of her designs were chosen to take to clients which she described as being “hugely exciting even if [her]work got turned down”. She found that getting this internship and going through the design process gave her a lot of confidence and determination to develop her practical work further.

This opportunity was difficult to come across and required a large amount of work and perseverance. She started out by sending zines to different design studios and sending emails with portfolio work attached. She encountered a lot of rejection or a lack of any response at all. One of the pieces of advice Bronwen would give to other students is to “expect and accept rejection, there are lots of students applying for internships all the time and eventually you will be the perfect person for that job.” Other advice she has is “work hard” and “don’t expect to be amazing from the start.”

In terms of future plans, Bronwen is currently sorting out the final details for a 3 week trip to China over Easter to spend some time on a University of Manchester Study China programme, with a language and arts focus.

Written by Sarah Benson

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    a brave and sharp article that opens up very clraely and in a simple way the cancerous source of Israeli culture.This voice is coming from an outsider perspective, from a person that has experienced diverse cultures, who is able to view deeply and sharply into the source and meaning of things.I wish that this article will help to pave the way for a brave, open and transparent discussion and for that all participants need to put aside, or “let go” their political ambitions in the field of culture.The space of culture is multi-dimensional and there is an equall space for all.

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