Five Compete for Academic Affairs Position


Five people have put themselves forward to run for the position of Vice President Academic Affairs in the 2012 Sabbatical Elections.

Mairead McGuirk, Sophie Kamperis, Rachel Stockey, Oliver Bills and Sasha Watson will be fighting for votes over the coming fortnight.

Sasha was voted in last year and is the incumbent of the position, having beaten fellow candidates Jonathan Davies and Sami Stephenson.

Maired McGuirk is current Biosoc President and has been a course rep for three years, while also being a student ambassador for the university.

Oliver Bills is a web science PHD student who has been a student representative and ran student society and support groups.Rachel Stockey is the founder and current president of Pre-Sessional society, and also stands as a  Union Councillor and faculty officer in Humanities.

Sophie Kamperis is currently Academic President for Biological Sciences.

Click here for the complete list of candidates.



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