Only Two Candidates to Run for Union President


The 2012 SUSU Elections will see only two candidates running for the lead position of Union President.

Simon Boyce will present the only challenge to rival candidate-and current President- Sam Ling, who is re-running for a second term as the head of SUSU.

Ling, who can only serve one more term as President, beat seven other contenders to the post last year and is hoping to extend his stay in the Union offices.

Boyce, a physics student, is a relative unknown to Union affairs. He has occasionally written for the Wessex Scene and The Edge, but is now hoping to make a meteoric rise to the top position in SUSU with his campaign.

Despite the lack of presidential candidates, this year’s elections looks to be as exciting as ever with two candidates going head-to-head for the Union’s top job.

See the list of all the candidates here.


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