SUSUtv Launch Election Coverage Tonight


Tonight, students of Southampton University will have their first chance to glimpse the faces of the candidates running for Union sabbatical officers and trustees this year.

These elections are arguably the biggest event in the SUSU calendar, and there has been much intrigue surrounding who is running for each of the 6 paid jobs. Nominations close at 1pm today and this evening the full list of those running will be revealed on SUSUtv’s Elections Launch Night live broadcast. Kicking off at 8pm, the show will put faces to the names of those running, as well as a series of videos to help students less familiar with the roles of sabbaticals and trustees to understand the roles.

Tonight’s live show is being produced entirely by two SUSUtv freshers, and is the first of several live shows SUSUtv are bringing students this year, culminating in the Elections Results Night Live on Thursday 1st March.

Tune in from 8pm tonight on


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