SUAC shoot strongly at the BUCS Indoor Competition


On Saturday 18th February, the University’s Archers competed at the BUCS Indoor Championships at the Telford International Centre. This a centre with a capacity of 600 which reflects the sheer number of competitors in this competition. BUCS Sports Management Group member Steven Johnson who advised on the use of the centre said;

“The number of people wanting to participate in University archery has increased greatly in the last few years and to give them all an opportunity to compete at the BUCS Championships would be an amazing experience for all of the students involved.”

Aberystwyth University Archery Club hosted the competition so Archery continues to be one of the few BUCS sports run by students for students.

The SUAC experienced recurve team, recurve being the type of bow used in the Olympics, competed strongly and finished 8th out of 43 teams. Recurve archers shoot a Portsmouth round or 60 arrows at a 60cm Triple Vertical Target Face and shooting is in timed ends of 2 minutes. The top 4 scores from each team are then added together to make the overall team score. The SUAC experienced team racked up an impressive 2195 points, with the top 4 scorers being Theo Chen-Sverre (554), club captain Sam Bird (551), Charlotte Whitlock (545) and Brad Keogh (545).

The novice recurve team also finished 8th in their competition, with a score of 1484 points. The top 3 scorers for this team were John Bowes (500), Kerry Matthews (494) and Nimmit Prabhackar (490).

Individual Events included: Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow Events for both Men and Women at Championship and Trophy Level. SUAC’s Lexi Elliot won a bronze medal in Ladies Barebow, with an impressive 494 points, Barebow being a bow with no sight or stabilisers to aid shooting.

SUAC had a very successful tournament with their archers ranking highly in all the categories entered.

In the rankings for experienced Gent recurve (193 competitors):
29th Theo Chen-Sverre
33rd Sam Bird
42nd Brad Keogh
51st Simon King
57th Chris Skipper
133rd Stephen Fawcett

In rankings for experienced Lady recurve (67 competitors):
10th Charlotte Whitlock
30th Sara Rubio
31st Gina Whitlock
32nd Rachael Evans
33rd Suzanne Coley

In rankings for experienced Gent barebow (31 competitors):
11th Liam McDonnell
24th Lee Turner

In rankings for novice Gent recurve (102 competitors):
20th John Bowes
24th Nimmit Prabhackar
27th David Williams
37th Declan Ashworth

In rankings for novice lady recurve (66 competitors):
7th Kerry Matthews
29th Ludmilla Roesch
53rd Josie Daman

For more results go to:

SUAC with their team mascot Parker the dolphin











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