Candidates Debate – Live


Welcome to the first of the candidate debates for the 2012 SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee Elections. To get involved, ask questions and debate the issues, comment below, tweet us @WessexScene or using the hashtag #votesusu.

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    Really, really disappointed this wasn’t advertised today or anywhere obvious on the susu website.
    I didn’t know this was happening and I’m more involved in
    Susu than some students!!!
    Quite frustrated… Glad Jamie did this so I could read after but seriously, elections promo needs to improve…
    I’m sorry to be so negative but I’m really frustrated because the sabbs have been brilliant this year and I feel quite saddened that there’s no awareness of these events amongst non susu involved students…
    It’s a shame for people like me that would’ve gone or at least sent in questions but it’s more of a shame for the students making the effort to cover it across mixed media who probably aren’t receiving the hits they deserve. It’s a bloomin shame for the candidates too…

    Sorry if I’m being blind n there’s actually been fantastic promo but I get the feeling that hasn’t been the case…


    Nice coverage, SUSU media 🙂 well presented in a variety of ways, making the debate accessible to people reading on their phones, watching on their laptops or listening on their ipods/smartphones…

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    Too much agreement and sickening chumminess. If the phrase “I agree with what so-and-so just said” had been banned, it would only have taken half an hour for all three debates!

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