Poll – Who’s Got Your Vote?


You’ve had a week to read their manifestos, a day to check out their posters and a chance to ask them questions. But who are you going to vote for in the SUSU elections for the following three positions? [scroll down for the others.][poll id=”4″][poll id=”5″][poll id=”6″]


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    Where’s the RON option?

    Jamie Chadd

    Appreciate the point. It was decided for the polls to focus on the candidates and not be a “first draft” of how results night would pan out next Thursday.


    Okay, fair enough.

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    Is this one vote per IP address?
    Because it seems to assume that I’ve already voted, even though I haven’t I seem to have different loyalties to my housemates.

    Jamie Chadd

    H Ron. I’m not sure of the tech but that might well be the case. It’s something I’ll check with our online manager for the future. Thanks.

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