Poll – Who’s Got Your Vote? (Part 2)


So last night we saw the candidates for VP Student Engagement, VP Academic Affairs and the President answer your questions in the candidate debates. But who impressed you the most? We’ve seen the slogans, the manifestos and they’ve answered you questions. So who has your vote? [scroll down for the rest, and click here for the first poll which closes at midnight saturday][poll id=”7″][poll id=”8″][poll id=”9″]


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    Student Engagement is a hugely interesting race, so it’s gonna be really interesting to see (1) how this poll pans out and (2) how it reflects the results on the night.

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    Is there the opportunity to have RON as an option for each poll?

    Jamie Chadd

    Hi Sam. We’re purely interested in which candidate is appealing most to voters, rather than doing a “first draft” of the actual vote. Many thanks.

    Sam Jenkins-Shaw


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