A Chat with Chloe Richardson, VP Comms Candidate.


Chloe Richardson, a former Monte JCR President and prominent SUSU promotional team member, spoke to the Wessex Scene about her nomination for VP Communications.

Chloe starts off with description and her passion for the role.

There’s no point having a union if you can’t communicate this out to the student

VP Comms I think is important because there’s no point having a union if you can’t communicate this out to the students, hence its importance! There’s a crucial role for the media departments too which can communicate that message out to the students as well. So I think it’s a crucial role in the running of the union. The VP Comms sabb also helps people be aware of their opportunities, and it gives everyone to have a chance to get involved in SUSU.

Following on, she gives us a brief insight into her experience which will be beneficial in the role.

Well, I’ve been Monte JCR president so I’ve been in the situation where I’ve had to look at the needs of 1,700 students and that’s really helped me learn how to delegate and how to take everyone’s interests on board when I need to make a decision Also, I’ve been part of societies but an outsider point of view has given me a different perspective. Also I’ve been involved in promotions and marketing for students over three years and I’m really going to use that in the VP Communications role to get my message across because I think that’s important.

Chloe also talks about what will be her main campaign techniques over the week.

I’m just going to talk to people, that’s all, it’s what I do best! Both myself and David [Gilani] have said that we want to be the most voted for category because then we know that’s what students wanted, and whoever wins did so for the right reasons. As for my campaign, it’s all based around the Coco-Pops theme. I know that sounds ridiculous but it will work so well with some yellow, red, brown, Rice Krispies cakes and so on. Also it contrasts quite nicely to David’s blue. I didn’t want to be pink because that is so cliché!

She also gives us an introduction to her main policies.

I’ve supported changes to the SUSU website because even I’m involved with the union, and I haven’t got a clue where to click. I would introduce forums for societies such as the AU and the Performing Arts so everyone can access things quickly, and I’d make things overall more concise on the site.

Also, freshers’ packs need to be better organised because this year, people were unaware of what to buy and where to go when for example. Finally, I’m going to work on better marketing and publicity, especially at sites and for the media teams, as this is so important for involvement.

Chloe also gives us a deeper explanation as to why she feels sites and democracy need a higher focus.

I think all the sabbs need to be part of the Winchester and Sites, as a separate sabb has not been the way forward so far. I’ve worked in Winchester and NOC and I’ve seen what it’s like there, and people feel so ostracised from the rest of the uni.

Also, most people don’t understand Union Council and know that it’s for anyone to go to; they think it’s for particularly academic presidents, for example.  I know it’s going to be difficult to make that information more available, but I think it’s something that really needs to be done to make this university even better.

Chloe’s also addresses concerns about her lack of media experience

Just because I haven’t been on the producer’s chair doesn’t mean I don’t know what happens

Basically, I have been involved in SUSU for years, and just because I haven’t been on the producer’s chair doesn’t mean I don’t know what happens, and it’s naive to think otherwise.  I think me coming in with impartiality is really important, because I don’t want to have an affiliation with a certain area of media because that can have negative connotations as well, and it’s not my job to direct teams; that’s why we have station managers and editors.  I know people are going to say that I’m not involved in the media, but I do see it every day and I think it would be a shame for people not to vote for me because of that.

Finally, if you could sum up your manfesto in just twenty seconds, how would you do it?

 I want people to love this university just as much as me!

Okay, my manifesto is basically just about getting everyone involved in SUSU, making everyone aware of their opportunities, and I want SUSU to be a place where everyone wants to get involved. I love this union and I love this university and I want people to love this university just as much as me and I think getting involved in SUSU is just the best way, not just for your CV but for your social life and everything!


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