Trustee Candidate Responds to Questions over his Integrity


Trustee candidate Zack Young blamed “producers” of Big Brother Celebrity Hijack for “several articles floating around the press about my lack of credibility as a business person”, after spending time on the Channel 4 show in 2008.

Mr. Young released a statement to the Wessex Scene regarding past allegations made against him by several trade magazines and website forums.

“Big Brother was an amazing experience but equally came with complications.”

“Working with my agent and publicity we released several responses regarding how the company had formed, explained the figures we released and had a statement from Parr Street Studios about our tenancy.”

Mr. Young,  a Montefiore JCR Member, is currently running for a Student Trustee role in the SUSU Elections, a remit which includes “Safeguarding the good name, culture and ethos of SUSU” and “Act in the best interests of the Union and to not seek any personal gain from the term of office”.

Allegations against Mr. Young, who changed his name from Liam to Zack by deed poll after leaving the Big Brother house, include exaggerating business figures and using questionable ethics when running his former company.

“In my VT for the show, I was asked to speak about figures but the producers of the show had cut around what I had said so it sounded somewhat strange. Having approximately 200,000 clients and making £200,000 per annum – how was each client only paying £1? Well, as we offered many free services this was why the figures sounded odd in the context they had been presented. In addition, we had two large resellers who provided web services to over 40,000 people. Therefore, these ultimately were considered as end users of our network.”

“I started testing my waters in business young and through my youth I wanted to find the key to success – from using various online forums and seeking advice from startup consultancies when I was about 16/17 I was emulating a much larger setup – we found such a setup helped add credibility when securing new clients.”

You can read Mr. Young’s full statement here.

This year are seven candidates for four Student Trustee positions. As well as Mr. Young, they are Anh The Nguyen, Helen Turner, Peter Ward, Rupert Bailey, Emma Miles and Chip Masoso. All the manifestos for Trustee candidates can be found here.


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    I think it’s repugnant that Dave Howells has publicly denounced him for mistakes in his private life. The lad is clearly trying to move on from his past and credit to him.

    Richard Windsor

    How can you be so blindly hypocritical? You criticise David Howells for focussing on his private life, yet you have recently had an article that does nothing but perpetuates focus on to the issues of his personal life which you openly described as ‘juicy’ on twitter.

    David Howell

    Richard, I thank you, and would like to point out it’s more than even that; the Tab splashed on Zack’s claims about his sex life, while the Magpie’s Eye View did not mention them at all (the Portswood Press, who scooped this story, did so only in passing).

    My blog was entirely focused on his business activities, and if they’re not relevant to this position, why was Chris Pidgley effectively forced out of office before his term even began, over a similar but smaller-scale accusation (I believe it was indeed only an accusation at the time)? The primary responsibility of a Trustee Without Portfolio is financial, so a candidate’s past record in financial dealings is surely fair game for the media. I agree that one’s personal life isn’t, but I didn’t blog about that and the Tab absolutely did. Shocking hypocrisy.

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    I think the negative tone of this piece is very uncalled for, I believe that assumptions should not be based upon media spin and Zack should be judged on his manifesto and campaign promises. I’m sure none of the other candidates are having their pasts delved into and it would disappoint me greatly if the Wessex Scene was simply exploiting an individual to produce a more controversial article. Personally I will read all manifestos, observe the candidates campaigns and base my decision on that.

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